About Clarity

Leadership Team

Paul Silivos

Managing Partner

Macky Vellon

Director of Operations

Elizabeth Brady

Director of Service

Lara Nickerson

Director of Partnerships

Mission Statement

Clarity’s foundation is based on two guiding principles: client education and an ethical flat-fee structure. These values set us apart because most ERC consulting firms charge a percentage-based fee which is problematic in several ways. Not only does it lead to unconscionable fees for services provided, a percentage-based fee structure also incentivizes the consultant to encourage a much more aggressive claim than may be sensible for your company. Because of this, percentage-based consultants are more likely to engage in predatory behavior and less likely to offer proper and thorough education about the ERC, the IRS guidelines, and the strength of your claim.

Clarity’s approach is to offer a free analysis up-front which provides a thorough picture on whether your company is eligible, how strong an argument you have if you’re qualifying under the subjective government order qualification, and what amount of refund you can expect per qualifying quarter.